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Working Professional 

The jobs in todays corporate is quite quality driven and exhaustively scrutinised, thus giving rise to stress, pressures and lacking enthusiasm. Visions has understood the scenario and has coined the program to gear them up in not only meeting the needs of the corporates but to excel them in turn pursuing their own dreams.

Students/Management Trainees 

The transition from college campus to the corporate workplace is quite a dreaded path for any student or a MBA fresher. Their queries, doubts, misconceptions needs to be answered and tutored in order to prepare them for a new beginning of their lives. They need to be updated on the corporate expectations, working mechanism and handling upward and parallel management relations.  


Small establishments and business often find themselves in a zone where they seem to be stationary in terms of growth and reach. The right measure , the remedial action, or a simple out of the box thought gives the right boost and direction to the business. At visions we analyse and figure out a progreesive solution which can take the business to the next constructive level.


Managers often find themselves trapped between the management and their subordinates. The dual role of upward and downward man management is not only challenging but extremely skill based. How to be a leader with a difference , a mentor with a vision and a far sightedness to work towards once aspirations of professional growth is what is our foremost focus.

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